Noon Update – Rain Pulling Out Fast

Hello, New England.

Earlier this morning, I had stated that rain would leave Maine through this evening. At that point, guidance was effectively split: 50/50 between a later end and an earlier end. I had decided to go with the later end, because if I had predicted an earlier end, and it left slower, some people might not be very happy. With human error, I completely forgot to evaluate the motion of the precipitation. No less, rain is right now beginning to leave Eastern Maine and is out of the remainder of New England, with skies starting to clear across Southern and Western New England. For this forecast screw-up, I apologize; and this can be considered a learning lesson. If you want to go into meteorology, you learn lessons pretty fast as I am. You learn a lesson every day.

Anyways, with the earlier end occurring, it means more sun. A large portion of New England will hit the low to mid 70s, with slightly cooler temps in northern and eastern Maine (mid to upper 60s) and perhaps warmest temps in Connecticut and Vermont, where clearing occurred first. Skies will become partly sunny through the remainder of the day.

Errors happen. But, errors make one better, with incremental learning. Errors will ultimately make me and other weather geeks better for the future, even though we hate when they happen.

Have a good afternoon and evening!


Published by Nathan Coram

Hello! I'm Nathan Coram, a 19 year old meteorology student and weather geek, and am going into my junior year at UMass Lowell as a meteorology major. I am the current Vice President of the UML American Meteorological Society Local Student Chapter. Prior to at UML, I attended the Dracut school system for my K-12 years, having graduated from Dracut High in 2018. I first got into weather with the December 2008 ice storm, which knocked out my electricity for 4 days. I had no idea how it could be raining and becoming ice immediately, and how rain can knock out power. (Now I do - warm layer aloft, cold air at surface). But I didn't really get into it until the heat of July 2010 and specifically a few severe weather events during that month, followed by the year 2011, which featured several high profile weather events. Since then I have had a growing interest, and am hoping to make it into the meteorology field, preferably with NOAA/NWS. But for now, I'm blogging here, helping with the UML Weather Center social media, and tweeting about the weather on my own account as well. Thanks for visiting!

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