Rain Ends Throughout The Day

Hello, New England. Even though it is Friday, it is probably inappropriate to use “good morning” today, as today is a Day of Remembrance, to remember the nearly 3,000 innocent victims of the horrific attack on America 14 years ago this morning.

Anyways, rain will gradually pull out of New England today. Right now widespread rain is occurring:


As you can tell, most of the precipitation is pulling away from Southern New England at this time. Scattered showers are possible there throughout the day, but the action generally shits to Northern New England and especially Maine as it already seems to have. Widespread rain should exit southern (and nearby northwest) New England by late morning, with possible lingering showers around the MA/NH border through early afternoon. Across Maine, steady rain cuts off from west to east this evening into the early overnight. Again, widespread 1-2″+ rain from this event, some higher amounts. Rain has already ended across much of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Western Massachusetts, and Northwest Vermont. This rain is slow moving, but should be out relatively fast in the rest of SNE (a few hours, as noted). True washout in Maine today.

Temperatures probably don’t even matter today, unless you are a student or teacher in a school without air conditioning like I am a student at, then this is further relief. But highs ranging from the low 60s across northern and eastern Maine, to the mid to upper 60s across western Maine and northern New Hampshire; upper 60s to low 70s across all of southern New England as well as southern New Hampshire, parts of southwest Maine, and most of Vermont. Mid 70s will be possible in some scattered locations, mostly Connecticut and in Northwest Vermont, two areas where the rain left first. Concord, NH, being a hotspot of warmth on many days, could conceivably do it too. Skies will remain cloudy today.

Another update in the evening.


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