Beautiful Fall Day Ahead

Good morning!

Today will be, for most, a beautiful day that has all the makings of your average fall day. It will be difficult for most to break 70 degrees, and some will not break 60. A westerly wind flow will prevail with winds 10-15 mph at times, occasionally gusting to 25 mph, and the direction will help make the beaches of Massachusetts some of the warmest locations. Highs will range from the upper 50s in northern New Hampshire, parts of northeast Vermont as well as its mountains, and far northern and northwest Maine, to the low 60s in western and southeastern Vermont, central and southwest New Hampshire, western Massachusetts, and central and northern Maine; mid 60s in central Massachusetts and the Connecticut Valley of MA, and areas near Concord, NH and some areas of central Maine. Upper 60s and some low 70s to prevail in southern Maine, southeast New Hampshire, eastern Massachusetts and southwest Connecticut as well as the Hartford area of north-central Connecticut.

Skies today will be mostly sunny to sunny in southern New England, and mostly cloudy across much of northern New England.

There will be a chance of showers this afternoon, primarily across northern New England. These showers will pull into the region from southern Quebec and give that area more rain, associated with the surface low that is starting to pull away from the region. No thunder expected at this time, but this could give nice additional rain. New England is in a mini-drought, could use all the water we can get. To the prior note, thunder cannot be 100% ruled out with the low pulling away and decent lift (especially downeast Maine), but again, not immediately likely.

For now, showers in northern Maine are pulling into New Brunswick and Quebec.528-9-31-15

Some precipitation is also possible in Vermont this morning, with scattered showers this morning, but the better chance this afternoon. In addition, scattered showers may move through western Massachusetts this morning with showers in and near east central New York.


Have a good day!


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