Warm, Dry Day Ahead

Good morning!

Today will feature a return to the warm and dry pattern – albeit nowhere close to last week’s heat. A west wind will occur again, with winds light for most in SNE, and in NNE, winds to around 10 mph, occasional gusts to 20 mph; however this may be confined to the mountains.

Skies today will be sunny throughout New England. The main player will be high pressure centered in the PA/NJ/SE NY region, bringing us these warm and dry conditions. Not expecting any shower threat today, plain and simple.

Today’s temps bring us from the lower 70s across northern Maine, northern New Hampshire, and northeast/north-central, the mountainous regions, and southern Vermont, and far western Massachusetts. Mid 70s in west central New Hampshire, a few spots in northern and central Maine, and parts of Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills. Upper 70s central Massachusetts, southwest and much of central New Hampshire, eastern Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island. Low to isolated mid 80s in eastern and southeast Massachusetts, western Cape Cod, most of Connecticut, and south central and southeast New Hampshire. Southern Maine as well as all of Rhode Island (excluding Block Island, see above) will be between the upper 70s and low 80s.

Owing to the aforementioned westerly flow, the coast will barely be cooler than the land nearby (eastern Cape Cod the exception, as well as the MA/RI Islands). Should be a nice beach day if you both like the beach and have today off.

Big feature of today: LOW HUMIDITY. Sure, it will be a touch warm, but it will still be a beautiful day to go outside if you can.

We will go into a warming trend for the next few days, followed by a potential return to fall-like weather late this weekend and especially into early next week. The cooldown is inevitable, considering the lowering sun angle, a ridge won’t mean 80s eternally.

The unfortunate part about this, is this will be an extremely boring stretch for weather geeks. Hey, at least I have homework to do, and hockey is coming back!

Have a good day!


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