Finally Fall-Like

Good morning!

As a cold front pushes through this morning, bringing some showers to eastern Maine right now, the current sticky dewpoints will be replaced by much drier air – upper 30s to mid 40s inland and 45-50 at the coast for dewpoints, except 50s in southeast MA. As for actual air temperature, most will be between the mid 60s and low 70s. All are starting off in at least the mid 60s, but the mountainous regions will actually drop to the upper 50s and low 60s as the cold front comes through. Just about everybody else will stay fairly steady temperature-wise with the current outside temperature, with minor fluctuations; as noted, the big drop will be in dewpoint The warmest temperatures will be south of the Mass. Pike/I-90, where some mid 70s are possible. Today will start off cloudy, with clearing likely later this morning to at least partly sunny skies, with mostly sunny to sunny skies becoming the rule by this evening.

We will shift to a northerly wind, mainly light.

Have a good day!


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