Very Abnormal Warmth Today

Good morning!

For those north of the Mass Pike (I-90) and west of a line extending from near Portland, Maine northward to the Canadian border (and somewhat beyond into Quebec) along with northwest Maine and northeast NH, expect mainly sunny skies with highs 66-75, except 60-65 in the mountains covered by that (Mt. Washington will even reach the mid 50s!) It’ll be a great day for outdoor activity.

South of the Mass Pike, expect highs 64-70 as dense fog this morning will slow heating and some clouds may hang around for the rest of the day.

Now east of that Portland, Maine line I noted (also including NW ME): you will have a stalling warm front. North of it, expect highs between 53-65. South, see above. Either way, clouds will begin building in eastern and central Maine later this morning into this afternoon, with some very isolated pockets of drizzle or showers possible – limited moisture with the front will cause that.

Have a great Thursday!


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