Tuesday Night-Wednesday Rain Event Update

Good evening!

Apologies for this being really late – homework on top of my great-grandmother turning 85! But, here it is…. an update on the forthcoming event. This will be quite brief and abbreviated.

Locations Impacted

This currently looks like a deal for MA/CT/RI as well as southern and east-central NH and southern Maine. Vermont, Northern Maine, and Northern and West-Central NH look to be mainly off the hook here.


Rain moves in mid to late evening tomorrow, and winds down late afternoon to mid evening on Wednesday for the areas affected.


Expect widespread rain up to one half inch (mainly up to .25″ along the northern and westernedge of rainfall). Rainfall amounts between 0.5″ and 1″ will be the rule in coastal Maine, coastal NH, eastern MA and RI; localized amounts over 1″ are possible in Eastern MA. Isolated bouts of heavy rain are possible, primarily in eastern MA.


Expect gusty northeast winds up to 25-30 mph for the majority of southern and eastern New England, with gusts to 40 mph possible for parts of interior eastern MA; coastal eastern and southeast MA may see gusts up to 50 mph which has prompted a Wind Advisory for those coastal regions.

Have a good night!


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