Evening Rain Today

Good morning!

Today’s high temperatures will be between 37 and 57, with the usual NH/Maine high elevations being the coolest, and far southern New England being the warmest; under cloudy skies. Let’s dive right into this rain event:


Showers will overspread Southern New England plus Vermont and New Hampshire through late morning and early afternoon, and overspreading Maine in the early to mid afternoon. By the evening commute this evening, expect a widespread steady rain, with some heavy rain being a possibility. Through late evening the focus for the widespread showers will be over Maine, and there, the widespread rain will end in the mid-overnight hours (between 1 and 2 am). Scattered showers will continue through Friday and Saturday, mainly in Northern New England, but northern parts of Southern New England may see showers Friday night.

Precip Type

Snow showers possible Friday night-Saturday morning. Other than that, rain.


Expect up to 1″ rain with this system, again mainly today through tonight. Mainly steady rain, some heavy rain, to scattered showers for Fri/Sat.


For areas that see it, expect a trace to 1″; 1-3″ is possible in the higher elevations of northern New Hampshire. If snow showers make it down to northern parts of SNE, don’t expect any accumulation except maybe in the Berkshires.


Wind won’t be a big factor with this system – expect mainly gusts up to 20 mph for today.

Have a great day!


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