Cloudy and Balmy With Afternoon Showers For Most

Good morning!

Under generally cloudy skies, expect highs to range through the daylight hours between upper 30s in the highest elevations, otherwise 40-58. After sunset though, as our system nears closer for tomorrow morning’s messy commute, expect temps to rise some, leading to highs technically being (ie through and including 11:59 PM) 43-62, with those same cool temps in the northern mountains and warmest in southern CT.

Expect showers to start moving into VT/Western MA/Western CT early afternoon, mid afternoon for RI, NH, Central/Eastern CT and Central/Eastern MA; and mid afternoon to late evening for Maine, depending on where you are – further west in Maine, earlier, further east, later. In Eastern Maine, don’t expect any showers until after midnight.

More details on the heavy rain threat and timing will come later this morning or early this afternoon, as Dracut High has a half-day due to parent/teacher conferences.

Have a great Thursday!


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