A Variety of Conditions Today

Good morning!

First, all of New England will be on the blustery side today, with lots of gusts to 25 mph, some higher.

Southern New England can expect skies to gradually turn mostly sunny with highs in the 40s to low 50s, and a chance of rain showers today. The highest winds will be here today, with actually a period of 35-45 mph gusts possible this afternoon.

Northern New England is a whole other story. Expect highs ranging between the upper 20s and low 40s; more showers are likely, primarily in the mountains, where these will likely be in the form of snow. As this whole area of precipitation gets organized as the shortwave moves toward strengthening low pressure, expect mainly 1-3″ where it accumulates (less in VT and parts of northern NH); but as you go further north, Northern Maine will likely see a large swath of 4-8″, and an area of higher amounts 8-10″ (locally higher) looks likely as well. This will occur through the overnight hours tonight.

Have a great Thursday!


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