Cloudy This Time, And Scattered Showers

Good morning!

Under cloudy skies (this time, it should stay at least mostly cloudy) with a chance of scattered on/off light rain showers, expect highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s, along with a northeast wind of 5-15 mph.

As for Hermine, what you see above is basically what you are getting. The strongest winds are likely over, even in southeast MA, and the only other footnote is high seas: a High Surf Advisory is in effect from Winthrop, MA north and east along the shore to the Canadian border (so in other terms, the entire coast of NH/ME and Northeast MA) until 6 PM today for 3-10 foot seas.

Back to the clouds quickly: if you are up more to the north and west, things will gradually get sunnier, but in our parts things should stay cloudy, and you’ll likely have to go well to the north to get mostly sunny skies.

Have a nice Tuesday!


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