Night Norlun Trough Snow

Good evening!

Precip Type

Rain to snow.


Rain showers are in the area as we speak; they will change to snow overnight, continuing and then leaving early to mid morning.


Uncertainty is wicked high. This is a Norlun trough, notoriously difficult to predict in nature, and thus snowfall amounts could range for parts of the area (namely northeast MA) anywhere from a significant snowfall to a very minor snowfall.

Potential Impacts

If the Norlun even meets half of its local potential, there would be some impacts: the morning commute would be slick, especially as rain that has already fallen in spots will freeze up during the night after a change to snow. To allow time for clearing of both home driveways and school facilities, schools could potentially have delayed openings. Impacts get more significant with more snow and less meaningful with less snow.


snowmap 730p 2 15 17.png

These could change drastically, so be on your toes tonight/tomorrow morning.


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