Mostly Cloudy Friday; Tracking Jose

Good morning!
With mostly cloudy skies, and a chance of showers, expect a high around 79 today, and a light east wind.
The 5 day forecast is… okay. At least it’s not hot.
And now for the elephant in the room… Tropical Storm Jose. Jose is currently located northeast of the Bahamas and is forecast to pass offshore of much of the eastern seaboard over the next few days. Our geography comes into play here, as we are well east of much of the eastern seaboard. The trend in the past few days has been to the west with Jose’s center in about five days from now (Wednesday, 9/20), and parts of extreme southern New England are now inside the NHC’s official cone of uncertainty (and impacts are always possible outside the cone). NHC is currently forecasting Jose to be a Category 1 hurricane nearing Southern New England on Wednesday morning. Anything is still possible with Jose – including a miss several hundred miles to the east or a direct, head-on hit. Rain and wind would be the probable local impacts, but it is too early to predict the extent or intensity of such impacts, if we see any at all. A rough approximation for storm timing would be Tuesday night into Wednesday night if it hits us, but that could change. Stay tuned here for further updates; I will be relaying updates when the National Hurricane Center sends significant updates out (usually 5 and 11 AM/PM).
Have a great day!

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