Showery Tuesday

Good morning! And I have good forecast news about Hurricane Jose!
But first, the dense fog advisory that was to be in effect until 7 AM was cancelled at around 5 AM. With that said, there is still a fair amount of fog out there, so be careful.
We begin to feel the effects of Jose today. Expect a high of 67 with cloudy skies, a low of 62 tonight and a high of 73 tomorrow, all with cloudy skies and a northeast wind at 10-15 mph with gusts of 25-30 mph.


There has been a trend further south and east with Jose’s center, meaning that we will get less rain, more lulls in said rain, and lighter winds and wind gusts. As for the rain, while a half inch or so is the current forecast, it is possible that even less could fall.


Things are looking warm in the rest of the 5 day forecast. And beyond Friday, things look to get very warm for a few days.


Have a great day!

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