Breezy But Mostly Dry Storm Cleanup Day

Good morning again!
The worst is over. Let me start with that.
If you made it through the night without losing power, count yourself lucky since 80% of Dracut is without power. New outages are not out of the question, but for the most part, if you have power now, you will retain power. I would still keep your phones charged, however, just in case. A Wind Advisory is in effect until 5 PM for southwest winds of 10-15 mph with gusts up to 40 mph, so some additional minor wind damage is possible, but nothing close to the magnitude of last night.
I would expect the 80% without power number to stay near that number; it could go up a little, mainly if any trees that had weakened branches that didn’t fall lose those branches due to a strong gust later today. Power outages could also be caused by a strong gust hitting a weakened line, or by a car sliding off a slippery road due to a combination of leaves and unsafe driving and hitting a phone pole, or a number of other scenarios, but more or less the number won’t change. At this time, National Grid has not assigned any crews and there is no estimated time of restoration.
As for today aside from the wind, we will see partly sunny skies this morning with a low chance of some scattered showers, followed by further clearing of the skies this afternoon. Temperatures will fall to the mid 50s by midday. Tonight will be mostly clear and 39, along with a southwest wind at 10-15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.
Tomorrow will feature sunny skies with a high around 54, along with a southwest wind at 5-15 mph and gusts to 20 mph. Halloween trick-or-treating will feature temperatures in the 40s and a west wind at or slightly over 5 mph, before November starts with a low of 32, clear skies, and a west wind around 5 mph. We will end October without having our first freeze, which is possible for Wednesday morning.
weather 2017-10-30.png
Have a great day and stay safe!

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