Sunny Halloween

Good morning!
First, the forecast. With sunny skies, expect a high around 55 today, along with a west-southwest wind at 5-10 mph with gusts up to 25 mph at times. Most area towns have postponed Halloween until at least the weekend, including Dracut, but if you are visiting a town that is holding trick-or-treating tonight, expect temperatures falling through the 40s and a west wind around 5 mph, quickly turning calm. That calm wind will hold for the rest of the night along with clear skies, and I am now forecasting a low of 31, which means we could have our first freeze of 2017-18 tonight.
The sun will rise tomorrow morning, and then clouds will move in quickly during the late morning hours. Skies will stay mostly cloudy through tomorrow afternoon, and the high will be 52 degrees. However, the wind will remain calm. A light wind and mostly cloudy skies are on tap for tomorrow night with a low of 43.
weather 2017-10-31
As stated yesterday, the Dracut Public Schools are closed once again today as the schools remain without power, and the Dracut Police Department postponed trick-or-treating hours until this Friday (November 3), from 6 to 8 PM. There has been a significant improvement in the power status in the past few hours, as 44% of customers in the town remains without power. However, it is possible that some customers could remain in the dark for the next 60 hours. Always treat a downed wire as if it is live, and don’t even think about touching any wires. Do not call 911 to investigate when power will be back on or to report downed wires or trees. Use the business line for the Dracut Police Department – 978-957-2123 – or call National Grid – 800-322-3223 – to report downed trees or wires. National Grid is working on power restoration, as seen with the statistic posted earlier in this paragraph. However, there are no exact timeframes for restoration, except that it could be as late as Thursday evening before all power is restored. An additional 500 crews have been sent from all over the eastern US to speed up the process.
PORTABLE GENERATOR SAFETY TIPS: Never use your generator in an enclosed space, and don’t use generators near doors, windows, and vents; keep them as far away from your house as possible. Generators emit carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, non-visual and colorless gas that can kill fast. Ensure you have a CO alarm, whether you plan to use a portable generator or not. Also, fueling and refueling of portable generators can be a fire hazard. More safety tips are available at
Have a great day!

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