Very Warm Friday

Good morning!
With partly sunny skies, and a 20% chance of an afternoon shower, expect a high around 73 today. Winds will be southwest at 5-10 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph. There will be a wind shift to the northwest around the 4-6 PM timeframe but the wind speeds will more or less stay the same. That wind shift will be accompanied by clearing skies during Trick-or-Treat hours, which will be a little on the breezy side but very mild, with temperatures starting in the mid 60s at 6 PM and ending around 60 at 8 PM. Overall, a nice night for those going out and collecting candy. Beyond that, skies will be mostly clear with a low around 35. Winds will be northwest at 5-10 mph with gusts up to 25 mph, with the strongest gusts early in the night.
Tomorrow will be partly cloudy and 52, with a calm wind. Tomorrow’s sunset is at 5:34 PM, which is the last post-5 PM sunset of 2017 due to the time change tomorrow night, where we fall back one hour. Tomorrow night will feature a low of 38, with mostly cloudy skies and an east wind around 5 mph. Sunday morning will see a sunrise at 6:24 AM (vs. 7:23 AM tomorrow) due to the time change, and sunsets before 7 AM will rule again from Sunday up until December 5.
Sunday itself will feature a chance of some showers and a high of 59. Sunday night also has a chance of showers, but a much warmer night with a low of 56 before a mild Monday. An abrupt change to a few days of cool conditions (highs will likely only be in the mid 40s on Wednesday) follow the mild Monday.
Have a great day!

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