Seasonably Warm Start to December

Good morning and welcome to December!!!! (And thus, climatological winter!)
With skies turning sunny this morning, expect a warm start to the month with a high around 49. Winds will be northwest at 5-10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. Tonight will be clear and have a low around 23, with a light northwest wind.
Skies turn mostly cloudy quickly tomorrow, along with a high around 40 and a calm wind. Tomorrow night will gradually clear with a low around 25 and winds remaining calm.
Sunday and Monday are mostly sunny and seasonable before a mild Tuesday is accompanied by a chance of rain. Next Wednesday also looks mild before a major pattern shift late next week that will bring cold weather to our region. The pattern truly looks like it could be our first real “wintry” pattern as well, so it will be interesting to see how precipitation chances play out.
We settle in for the winter experience this month as the average high falls by 11 degrees, from 45 today to 34 on New Year’s Eve. The average low falls by 10, from 26 to 16. The sunrise will keep getting later into mid-January, as we cross the 7 AM mark next Wednesday, but sunsets actually start getting later again on December 13: after several days of 4:11 PM sunsets next week and the week after, we get to 4:21 PM by the end of 2017.
Have a great day!

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