12-22-2017 Update #1

Good morning!
The forecast is still mostly on track.
Snow will truly start later this morning, totaling 2-5″ before switching to freezing rain just prior to midnight amid what is otherwise a quiet spot in precipitation. Today’s high will be 28, tonight’s low will be 27, and tomorrow’s high will be 32. Freezing rain at times tomorrow will total 0.15-0.30″ of ice, causing very bad travel. There will be some quiet spots in the precipitation at times, though, which may lessen the impact just a small amount (road crews catching a bit of a break). Freezing rain otherwise goes into the evening, before perhaps a brief switch to regular rain late tomorrow evening with mixed precipitation before ending as light snow or freezing rain shortly after midnight. Tomorrow night will have a low of 29, and the wind will turn northwest at around 5 mph after a calm wind for today, tonight and tomorrow.
Sunday will give us a chance to catch our breath a bit, as it will be partly sunny and 37, before some snow is likely on Sunday night and Monday – that’s right, a Christmas Eve and Christmas morning snow event! My first call is 2-4″ but that could go up a little bit. It does not look like a major storm, but a solid advisory level event is likely and that will likely give us a White Christmas for the first time since 2013. Beyond that, Tuesday is cold, but the rest of next week is even colder.
Have a great day!

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