CORRECTED: 12-23-2017: Christmas Morning Storm Update #1

Good evening!

As we move past today’s freezing rain event, we look to just 24-36 hours from now for our next wintry weather. After a nice day tomorrow, snow enters our region late tomorrow evening (around midnight). This storm will be a quick mover, but will bring significant snows to a large part of the region. I am now predicting 6-8″ for northern Massachusetts away from the immediate coast, as well as into southern New Hampshire, with some scattered higher amounts possible.

A lower 3-6″ is likely closer to Boston and along the northeast MA coast, as due to warmer temperatures, snow to liquid ratios will be lower across the board to the south, and rain will also be a factor in and around Boston and along the immediate coast.

Right along Cape Ann and for most points south of Boston, fewer than 3 inches of snow is likely, especially in far southern New England with lower precipitation amounts and warmer temperatures, whereas Cape Ann will see plenty of mixed precipitation.

In the 6-8″+ zone, precipitation will fall as all snow, and there is the potential that this number could have to be raised in parts of the area due to snow potentially falling at a higher snow-to-liquid ratio in some spots.

As for the end timing, the heaviest snow looks to be mid morning on Christmas Day, just in time for everyone to open presents. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’ll be a nice morning for some hot chocolate, wintry movies, and quality family time. The relaxing will end though, as shoveling must be done. Thankfully, precipitation should be done (or next to done) at or by noontime on Christmas Day.

snow map 930p 2017-12-23

Here is my current snowfall accumulation map; have a great night!

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