12-24-2017 – Late Evening Storm Update

Good evening!!

Quick update. There has been a trend toward more snow this evening, especially in the late morning tomorrow right before the storm ends. Winter Storm Warnings now cover all of northern and interior northeast Massachusetts as well as all of New Hampshire, and Winter Weather Advisories cover the immediate coastline of northeast Massachusetts.

As such, I am moving Dracut to a 6-10″ zone. Most will end up with up to 8″, but some 9″ or 10″ readings are quite possible with cooling looking likely at the end of the storm. Also, I have moved the 3-6″ zone a little more east, as parts of northeast MA near the coast will likely see more snow but will likely fall short of 6″ due to sleet mixing in. Isolated amounts over 6 inches are possible in the vicinity of the 6″ zone. I have tightened the gradients closer to Boston as well; in the 1-3″ zone precipitation will be majority rain with most of the snow on the back end, while sleet will be an issue in southern and eastern parts of the 3-6″+ zone.

snow map 10p 2017-12-24.png

As of 10 PM, the winter storm warning and winter weather advisory is now in effect.

Good night!


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