12-27-2017: Extreme Cold Ahead

Good morning!
With sunny skies, expect a high around 17 today, along with a west-northwest wind at 5-10 mph that will lead to bitter wind chills just above and around zero. Tonight will be clear with a low around -3 (yes, that is negative three degrees!), with a west-northwest wind around 5 mph but gusting up to 25 mph. This will lead to very bitter wind chills, below -15 at times.
Tomorrow will be extremely cold, with a high only around 8, and the sunny skies will barely be any consolation for the northwest wind around 10 mph, gusting up to 30 mph, that will provide constant wind chills below zero, and even below -10 at times during the day. Wind chills tomorrow night will not be as bad, as the wind will be light, but clear skies will lead to some significant radiational cooling as we achieve a low of -7. (In fact, in the end, that number could be a degree or two too warm depending on how things play out. We shall see.) Thankfully, the relative lack of wind will make tomorrow night feel not as bad as tonight, but it will still be bitter indeed. Make sure to dress in layers and wear a hat and gloves, and stay indoors when possible, to protect against frostbite and hypothermia.
The layers will need to stay out for quite a while, as Friday and Sunday barely make it past 10 degrees and Saturday may fall short of 15 degrees, with lows hovering around zero Friday and Saturday nights. Some snow showers are possible Saturday afternoon into night, but significant snowfall is currently not likely. However, the fact that the system generating said showers is just offshore means it must be closely watched. More very cold days and nights are likely to start off 2018, and we may not reach 20 degrees again until several days into the new year (yesterday’s high was 23, which will likely be the last 20 degree or higher high temp of 2017 unless today’s forecast turns out several degrees too cold).
Have a great day!

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