1-20-2018 – Mild Saturday

Good morning!
First off, some thoughts this morning as our government has shut down… I stand with all National Weather Service meteorologists – and all other essential gov’t employees – who will be working hard for the good of our country during the government shutdown, but will not get paid until after the shutdown ends.
Anyways, today will be mostly cloudy with a high around 49. Winds will be west at around 10 mph, with gusts of 20-25 mph at times. Tonight will be partly cloudy with a low of 28, and a west wind of 5-10 mph.
Tomorrow will be mostly sunny and 47, with a light west wind, before a low of 27 tomorrow night, with partly cloudy skies and a calm wind.
Monday will be mostly cloudy and 36, with a chance of a snow shower or two in the evening, before changing to rain overnight Monday night. Rain will occur for most of Tuesday with a high of 52, before Wednesday is cooler but brighter.
Have a great day!

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