Mostly Cloudy Monday; Heavy Snow Wednesday

Good morning!

With mostly cloudy skies today, expect a high around 40 today, and a north wind around 5-10 mph gusting to 25 mph. Tonight will feature the same wind and skies, with a low around 25. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny, with a high around 38, and a north wind at 5-10 mph, before a low of 27 tomorrow night with a light northeast wind and skies becoming cloudy.


We get to a high of 35 on Wednesday as a significant snowstorm begins rolling in. Some snow accumulation is possible during the morning, but the bulk of the snow will be from the afternoon and evening Wednesday all the way through Thursday morning before quieting down around midday Thursday. This forecast is much more certain than the Friday storm, for starters, as it is unlikely that the rain-snow line will make it this far north except for perhaps a brief period of rain as the storm exits midday Thursday. With that said, I am releasing a snowfall forecast at this time. The highest uncertainty is at the coast where mixing could very well be an issue.

I have Dracut in the 10-14″ zone, as this zone is where I think the heaviest snowfall band is favored to set up. Expect 8-12″ in other inland areas, 4-8″ along the North Shore (excluding Cape Ann), Boston, and its southern suburbs with less snow for Cape Ann and points further south of Boston. This forecast will be refined over the next few days, so stay tuned.


Beyond the storm, Thursday will end up in the upper 30s before a high around 40 on Friday.


Have a great day!

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