3-6-2018 – Major Snowstorm Update #2

Good evening! I’ve had to tweak the forecast a little bit this evening.
Snow begins mid-morning Wednesday, with a steady but probably not too heavy rate of snowfall by midday. There is a very slight chance of a mix with rain around midday Wednesday before flipping back to all snow by the early to mid afternoon. The heavy snow starts in the mid afternoon to early evening frame, with the height of the storm being from Wednesday evening’s commute through Thursday morning’s commute. Snow will be tapering off by mid-morning Thursday and be completely done by around noontime on Thursday (note that another brief mix with rain is possible right around midday Thursday if precipitation is still falling.)
Uncertainty / Precip Type:
All snow is likely, with a low possibility of a brief mix with rain midday Wednesday and again midday Thursday. Regardless, the location of the primary rain/snow line will determine just how heavy and wet our snowfall is. The snow will be heavy and wet regardless, but how far we are from the line will determine just how heavy and wet the snow is. 
Other Hazards:
Wind gusts up to 35 mph will be possible. This will result in reduced visibility and the potential for blowing and drifting snow. This, combined with the weight of this heavy wet snow and weakened tree limbs from our last storm, will result in a risk of power outages. Make sure your electronics are charged!
Snowfall Totals:
10-16″ for Dracut; favored to be in the lower to middle part of the range.
snow map 2018-03-06 430P.png
Going into other zones, the 16-20″ zone is self explanatory – all snow, and not nearly as heavy and wet. The 5-10″ and 3-5″ zones will be high uncertainty zones, because this will likely be the battleground zone in terms of the rain/snow line being nearby. The 1-3″ zone will see a lot of mixing, and probably 100 percent rain for a time. The 0-1″ zone will be mainly rain. With regard to the zones, I don’t think the lower totals will need to be pushed much farther north, if at all, with my update tomorrow morning.
Have a great evening!

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