3-11-2018: Tuesday 3-13 Storm Update

Good evening!

Some info on the upcoming storm.

Snow starts during the overnight hours Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Heavy snow will take place from just before sunrise all the way before the mid-evening hours before gradually winding down by the late-evening. Residual snow showers will be possible all the way through Wednesday morning, though.

Heavy snow and strong winds.

Some guidance is indicating the potential for this to be a blockbuster snowstorm with higher amounts than currently forecast. This is a very notable possibility that must be monitored closely. On the flip side, a smaller amount of guidance is indicating a potential for snow amounts lower than is currently forecast. This also must be watched.

Heavy snowfall will create extremely dangerous travel conditions. Wind gusts around 40 mph are possible, which would lead to blizzard conditions if it verifies to that level with blowing and drifting of snow. Some minor wind damage is possible. However, property/tree damage and power outages will likely be only a very tiny fraction of what we saw with the last storm, because whereas the last storm featured an extremely wet snow, this storm will feature a drastically lighter snow that will be easier to move than even your average winter storm. With a much drier snowfall, power lines and tree limbs will not be weighed down, so wind damage would be the main concern. Some limbs that were weakened by the last storm could fall in some strong gusts, but other than that, I don’t see widespread damage and power outages being a thing with this storm.

Snowfall Forecast
I have Dracut now in 12-15″+. Note that these numbers could drastically change to levels that are higher or lower than they are now, so stay tuned for more info.

snow map 2018-03-11 530P


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