3/20/2018 Evening Update

Good evening! I have some significant forecast changes to announce for the storm tomorrow.

Snow starts early to mid afternoon tomorrow, with snow peaking during the late evening and early overnight hours, before gradually winding down during the rest of the overnight hours. Snow is done by the morning commute tomorrow.

The exact storm path will dictate how much snow we get, and there will be a fairly sharp northern cutoff. There has been a large jump to the south today and this forecast reflects that. However, a jog to the north could restore a significant snowfall. On the flip side, we could be looking at next to nothing with a further trend south.

With that said, I have downgraded Dracut to a 3-6″ zone (with isolated higher numbers possible). We aren’t too far south of the 0-3″ zone (newly introduced for northern sections of my map), and not too far north of the 6-10″ zone, so we’ll still have to monitor, but after being the jackpot of the last two storms, we probably won’t be the jackpot again even if a shift north takes place over the next 24 hours. Due to the uncertainty in the forecast, the National Weather Service is maintaining the Winter Storm WATCH as opposed to switching over to a Winter Weather Advisory or Winter Storm Warning as they usually would have by this point.

snow map 2018-03-20 413P.png

Have a great evening!

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