3/21/2018 – Morning Update #1

Good morning!
No changes have been made to the forecast from last night on the map.
Snow starts mid afternoon today, with snow peaking during the late evening and early overnight hours, before gradually winding down during the rest of the overnight hours. Snow is done by – or during the early portion of – the morning commute tomorrow.
The exact storm path, as well as whether an upper level layer of dry air erodes, will dictate how much snow we get, and there will be a fairly sharp northern cutoff. There is unusually high uncertainty with this storm for a day forecast
Same deal as last night. Dracut is in a 3-6″+ zone. We aren’t too far south of the 0-3″ zone, and not too far north of the 6-10″ zone, so what happens is dependent mostly on what happens with the upper level dry air and the precise storm path. Either of those zones could shift and make their way here.
Tomorrow approaches 40, Friday and Saturday break into the low 40s, before Sunday marks a return to chilly conditions in the 30s.
Have a great day!

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