Good evening! I meant to have this out hours ago but got tied up. The graphic for Friday thus shouldn’t be there any longer, so this is more of a four and a half day forecast.

Tonight will turn cloudy, with a low near 63, showers late in the night, and a calm wind. Tomorrow will feature cloudy skies, with showers and a chance of thunderstorms; the high will be near 70 along with an east wind of 5-10 mph. Tomorrow night will be showery with a low near 65 and a light east wind. Expect humidity to go back up in this timeframe as well.

weather 2018-08-10.001

More showers are likely on Sunday with a high near 75; the increase in humidity will be even more amplified by Monday with highs for Monday and Tuesday of 78 and 80, respectively, with a chance of showers both days; both mornings will be in the upper 60s to around 70 for the lows. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will all be mostly cloudy.

weather 2018-08-10.002

Have a great night!


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