Good morning!
With showers continuing through this morning and into the early to mid afternoon, ending by late afternoon, expect a high around 60, with a southwest wind at 15-25 mph, with gusts up to 60 mph this afternoon and evening. A HIGH WIND WARNING is in effect from 12 to 7 PM, and power outages cannot be ruled out, so keep your electronics charged!
Tonight’s sunset is at 5:35 PM, and is the last one after 5 PM until 2019 as Daylight Saving Time ends tonight. Skies turn clear early, with a low around 33, and a west wind of 5-15 mph, with gusts up to 50 mph early. Again, DST ends at 1 AM. Most clocks auto-adjust, but make sure to adjust any clocks that don’t auto-adjust back by one hour.
Tomorrow will be mostly sunny and 52, with a 6:22 AM sunrise and 4:34 PM sunset, and a light west wind. Tomorrow night will have increasing clouds, a low near 34, and a light west wind.
weather 2018-11-03.001.jpeg
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will all feature a chance of showers, with highs near 49, 55, and 60, respectively. Tuesday morning will have a low of 42, and Wednesday morning a low of 49.
weather 2018-11-03.002.jpeg
Have a great day!

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