11-19-2018 Evening Snow Map

Good evening! Just a quick snow update. I’ll be following up on it in the morning; conditions could change by then.

My best guess for Dracut is that we are in the 3-6″ range, but probably closer to 3″. Expect a general 3-6″ of snow for northern Massachusetts, as well as Vermont and New Hampshire, with 1-3″ near the coast in New Hampshire and a gradient in Massachusetts from 3-6″ around here, to 1-3″ closer to the coast, to 0-1″ near and at the coast, except 1-3″ along the northeastern-most points of the northeast MA coast. The cutoff will be fairly sharp in Massachusetts with this one.

Areas just south of the Mass Pike as well as the immediate Boston metro get 0-1″, and most of CT, RI, and southeast MA stay all rain. On the flip side, a few isolated 6″ or 7″ amounts are possible in the Monadnocks, northern Berkshires, Green Mountains, and northern Worcester Hills.

Note that the forecast could shift a bit depending on the exact position of the rain/snow line in Massachusetts in the morning. I think the line will set up near interstate 95 in northeastern MA and near the Mass Pike elsewhere in the state – give or take a bit depending on elevation as you go further west – but if rain changes to snow here in Dracut a little later than expected, we could end up with a little less snow. (See below for timing.)

I’m thinking a rain/snow mix establishes overnight, then it goes all snow by mid-morning,. Steady snow continues through the day, but the heavier snow looks to establish itself by the early afternoon, continuing into the early evening, which is where we could run into some bigger travel problems. I wouldn’t be surprised to see plenty of early releases for schools in this area, although I think schools will at least be able to open for the morning – even though there will likely be a few issues for the AM commute, the PM commute will likely be worse.

2018-11-19 2300 snow map.png

Have a great night!

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