1-17-2019 AM Update

Good morning! A quick update on the next few days.

Expect a high of 24 today, with overall mostly sunny skies; though clouds will be more prominent as we get closer to sunset. Winds will be north around 5 mph. Tonight will be mostly cloudy and 17, with a calm wind.

Tomorrow morning, expect snow during the morning commute, totaling a coating to 2 inches. There could be travel problems as a result, with an outside shot of a few school delays depending on how it plays out. Snow ends by mid to late morning, giving way to mostly cloudy skies and a high around 37, with a calm wind. Tomorrow night will be mostly clear and 14, with a northwest wind around 5 mph.

2019-01-17 0730 Snow.png

weather 2019-01-17.001.jpeg

Moving on from tomorrow’s snow event to the elephant in the room: the Sunday event. I’m not committing to any amounts until this evening, or maybe even tomorrow morning. Discussing the system a little more broadly, the general trend over the last day or two has favored a colder solution. What is clear at this point is late Saturday evening, snow will begin and we will have a front-end thump of snowfall through at least late morning on Sunday. This front-end thump by itself will be quite significant, especially given the colder airmass in place will likely mean the snow will be fluffy for a time, before likely turning to a wetter consistency as we get to mid-morning.

From there, we will be near the mixing line with freezing rain and a little sleet. It is quite possible that Dracut specifically stays all snow, but beyond mid-morning . However, if there is any freezing rain or sleet, I expect it to be fairly short lived, staving off significant ice that is possible in other parts of eastern Massachusetts. That said, there is some possibility that if the system tracks further west than currently projected, we could see more in the way of freezing rain. Under the current forecast, though, it would change back to snow after, at worst, a few hours, with precipitation ending mid evening Sunday.

Below is my general idea on precipitation type; note that the zone areas are subject to change.

2019-01-17 0730 Ptype.png

Have a great day!


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