2-11-2019 Evening Update

Good evening! Just a quick update on the storm for tomorrow. Meant to post this earlier but was a bit busy with other obligations.

Snow will begin in the 12 PM to 2 PM timeframe tomorrow and be at its heaviest during the evening commute hours. A transition to sleet is expected in the 8 to 10 PM timeframe, which will put a quick end to notable snow accumulations; however, sleet accumulation is likely for quite a while before a switch to freezing rain approaching the 1 to 3 AM time frame Wednesday morning is likely. Freezing rain will then switch to regular rain by around 8 AM or so, before all precipitation ends before noon and temperatures get into the 40s for Wednesday. The heavy snow will cause significant travel problems tomorrow afternoon, with sketchy travel also quite likely Wednesday morning due to an icy mess.

The exact amount of snowfall could vary by several inches depending on the time of the changeover, but 4-8″ should cover almost all of the presently reasonable scenarios for total snow and sleet, with about 6″ being the “sweet spot” for Dracut. A trace to 0.1″ ice is also possible with this system.

2019-02-11 1200 SN.png

2019-02-11 1200 ZR.png

Have a great night! More in the morning!

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