Good morning!

With partly sunny skies today, and a chance of some afternoon thunderstorms – some of which could be strong to severe – expect a high around 84 today, with a southwest wind at 5-15 mph, perhaps gusting to over 30 mph at times. Even higher gusts are possible in any especially strong storms, along with heavy rain, potentially frequent lightning, and perhaps some small hail.

The storm threat will wane by mid-evening, giving way to clearing skies, a low around 54, and a northwest wind at 5-10 mph for tonight. Thursday will be mainly sunny and 75, with a north wind at 5-10 mph. Thursday night will be partly cloudy and 50, with a light east wind.

weather 2019-09-04.001.jpeg

Friday and Saturday will feature cooler and cloudier conditions – 70 on Friday, with partly cloudy skies; 52 on Friday night, with mostly cloudy skies and a chance of showers; and 69 on Saturday, with mostly cloudy skies and a chance of morning showers – as the outer edge of what is now Hurricane Dorian passes by. The storm center will pass southeast of Nantucket early Saturday morning, and while southeastern Massachusetts could see gusty winds and heavy rain, we probably won’t see any more than some showers – if even that – from the system.

Skies clear out Saturday night with a low near 53, and Sunday will be a bit warmer – mostly sunny and 75.

weather 2019-09-04.002.jpeg

Have a great day!

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