3/19/20 Evening

Good evening!

With mainly cloudy skies tonight, expect a low around 37, with a calm wind.

Showers are likely at times Friday, potentially starting before sunrise, with the chance for on-and-off showers all day. A scattered rumble of thunder or two is possible in the evening along with some brief heavier rainfall. The high will be around 71 tomorrow, with mainly cloudy skies and a southwest wind of 5-10 mph.

Friday night will be mostly cloudy, with a low around 36, and a southwest wind of 5-10 mph, shifting to the west. Showers should wrap up after sunset.

Finally, a note regarding the potential snow system Monday evening/night into early Tuesday: as is the usual cliche with these things, it’s too early to tell regarding details. Nothing major seems to be in the cards, and it’s extremely possible that this system ends up being all rain, or perhaps even a complete miss altogether. Given the way this winter has progressed and the uncertainty in the model data I’d argue a mostly rain solution with perhaps some snow is favored at this point. However, the possibility exists for several inches of accumulating snow. The bright side is that if we do see accumulating snow, cleanup may not be as pesky as usual, given the combination of the late March sun angle (which can melt snow during the day like crazy, even when it’s cloudy) and the fact that most of us are now working or going to school from home given the coronavirus crisis.

Have a good night!

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