3/22/20 Evening Update

Good evening! Quick update pertaining to the winter weather that is on the dock for tomorrow (Monday) night.

Precipitation Type: Snow and rain.

Timing: Starting in the mid-evening hours (around the time of the typical rush hour) Monday as rain, switching to a mix of rain and snow after sunset. Continuing overnight as either rain, snow, or a mix, then ending before sunrise Tuesday morning.

Amounts: Currently, I am expecting 2-5″ for the Dracut area, although expect closer to 2″ or 3″. Elsewhere, expect 0-2″ closer to the coast and 4-8″ further north and west. However, there’s significant uncertainty with the forecast for a number of reasons, with the possibility that this current forecast could be too low or too high.

At this point, it looks like rain will mix in with the snow at times, but likely not for enough time to create a complete snow shutout. If the system ends up slightly warmer, though, this could create a near-shutout or total shutout in terms of accumulating snow. On the flip side, if we get into a heavier precipitation area, this could create additional cooling near the surface, which could perhaps result in hitting the 5″ end of the range, with a slight chance of exceeding that.

The overnight guidance should help clear up some of this…. hopefully.

SNOVID-19 template 1 (2020-03-22 1904).png

Have a good night and be well!

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