Good morning!

With mostly sunny skies, expect a high around 70 today, with a west wind of 5-10 mph.

Tonight will have increasing clouds, with showers likely toward sunrise, with a low around 48, and a light wind, primarily out of the south.

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, with showers likely in the morning and again in the evening, and thunderstorms are also possible in the evening; the high will be around 73, with a southwest wind around 5 mph, which will likely flip suddenly to a northeast wind toward the mid to late evening. Higher wind gusts are possible in some stronger thunderstorms.

Note that the temperature forecast for tomorrow could shift a bit due to uncertainty about the morning warm front passage. As of now, it looks like the warm front will get tied up and stop somewhere in southern or central New Hampshire; however, it’s not impossible it gets caught up closer to northern Massachusetts, which could significantly knock down the high temperature forecast for tomorrow. However, on the flip side, it’s possible we make a run at 80 degrees if all goes right. While skies will be mostly cloudy tomorrow, if we end up on the right side of the warm front, we could see some sunshine around midday. In any instance, the temperatures will likely begin to crash by the mid to late evening as the warm front reverses into a backdoor cold front, most likely just before sunset.

Have a great day!

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