Welcome to Dracut Weather! I am Nathan Coram. This website has aimed to cover weather in the Dracut, MA area since the start of September 2015. I generally post once a day, in the morning: usually before 6:15 AM on school days and before 10:00 AM (but preferably before 8:30) on weekends and during the summer. As hazardous weather warrants, more frequent posts are sometimes needed. You can subscribe to email updates for all posts. I do a one day forecast daily, and usually do 7 days on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but hope to expand these soon.

For posts between this blog’s inception (August 31, 2015) and Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (inclusive), click here for the archives.

For archives of the now-discontinued regional posts from Thursday, May 25, 2017 to Saturday, September 16, 2017, click here.

About Me

Hello! I’m Nathan Coram, a 17 year old weather geek, and am going into my senior year at Dracut High School. I first got into weather with the December 2008 ice storm, which knocked out my electricity for 4 days. I had no idea how it could be raining and becoming ice immediately, and how rain can knock out power. (Now I do – warm layer aloft, cold air at surface). But I didn’t really get into it until the heat of July 2010 and specifically a few severe weather events during that month. Since then I have had a growing interest, and am hoping to make it into the meteorology field, preferably with NOAA/NWS. But for now, I’m giving a Friday morning weekend weather report at Dracut High, writing here, giving a weekly weather report on Dracut Access TV, and tweeting weather as well. I was also featured in the Lowell Sun newspaper on January 13, 2017. (Fair warning, I often tweet about hockey as well – I happen to also do television commentary and other video stuff for DHS Hockey and am an avid NHL fan.) Thanks for stopping by!

Social Media

The following pages make up my social media presence.

Twitter – @ncoramwx (main account, regional weather and some other stuff) and @DracutWeather (Dracut weather only). I also have ownership of the account @nbcoram but have no plans to use it for much.

Facebook – facebook.com/DracutMAWx (Dracut weather only)

Instagram – @ncoramwx 

I’m not on Snapchat. Anyone who wants to give me pointers on how to use it, let me know.

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