Saturday 12/12/20 AM Update

Good morning! With mostly cloudy skies and rain likely this afternoon and evening, expect a high around 42 today with a northeast wind around 5 mph. I’ll have a more complete forecast update hopefully this afternoon or evening, as we are tracking a potential winter storm around the middle of next week. It’s too earlyContinue reading “Saturday 12/12/20 AM Update”

Sat 12/5/20 – Evening Update re: Forecast Bust

Interesting exercise in marginal-temperature snow setup forecasts today. Myself (and most other forecasters, FWIW) significantly overestimated snow-to-liquid ratios. It already looked as if they would be well under 10:1 with 7:1 or 8:1 seeming more likely, but they ended up somewhere between 3:1 to 6:1 instead, which is why we got glorified water today. AsContinue reading “Sat 12/5/20 – Evening Update re: Forecast Bust”

Saturday 12/5/20 AM Update

Good morning! Rain has overspread the region early this morning as forecast. The forecast has become more favorable for higher snowfall amounts; the details are below. Amounts: Expect a swath of 10-15″ for south central New Hampshire into central and interior northeastern Massachusetts, as the heaviest snow bands should set up around here. I haveContinue reading “Saturday 12/5/20 AM Update”

Thursday Evening 10/1/20

Good evening! With clouds increasing tonight, expect a low around 50, with a calm wind. Mostly cloudy skies prevail tomorrow, with a high around 62, along with a northwest wind of 5-10 mph. A few showers are likely in the afternoon and early evening. Clouds decrease overnight tomorrow night, with a low around 43 andContinue reading “Thursday Evening 10/1/20”