Sunday 1/31/21 – PM Update

Good evening! Here’s a full update on the upcoming snowstorm. Amounts Expect a widespread 10-18″ in much of interior New England, including the Merrimack Valley. There will be a sharp drop-off in totals at the immediate coastline. Most towns near the coast see 5-12″, with 2-6″ at some immediate shoreline towns (and 0-3″ for CapeContinue reading “Sunday 1/31/21 – PM Update”

Sunday 1/31/21 – AM Update

Good morning! Here’s a full update on the upcoming snowstorm. AmountsExpect a widespread 8-14″ in much of interior southern New England, including the Merrimack Valley. 4-8″ totals are likely a bit closer to the coast (especially inside of I-95 near Boston), as well as in parts of western New England further from the key moistureContinue reading “Sunday 1/31/21 – AM Update”

Thursday 12/24/20 AM Update

Good morning! With skies turning cloudy, expect a daytime high around 53, with a south wind of 5-10 mph, along with potential gusts up to 25 mph. Expect rain to develop well after sunset and continue overnight; with heavy rain at times, flooding is possible in urban and low-lying areas, as well as smaller streams,Continue reading “Thursday 12/24/20 AM Update”

Wednesday 12/16/20 – AM Update

Good morning! Quick tweak to the forecast to account for continued trends favoring a major snowfall. What’s Changed: Not much. I moved the 10″ line further north, and made slight tweaks to the boundaries in southeast Massachusetts. The 10-15″ zone is now a 10-17″ zone. Timing: Snow begins late this evening, just before midnight. TheContinue reading “Wednesday 12/16/20 – AM Update”

Tuesday 12/15/20: PM Update

Good evening! Quick forecast update to reflect some significant trends throughout the day. What’s Changed: I have increased snow totals for much of the region as a large northward trend in the system’s track has become much more apparent, as the relevant energy has become much better sampled and other small atmospheric pieces fall intoContinue reading “Tuesday 12/15/20: PM Update”

Tuesday 12/15/20: AM Update

Good morning! We have a significant snowstorm on our hands, but first, two days to get through. Today will be sunny and 32, with a northwest wind at 5-15 mph. Tonight will be clear and cold, with a low around 11, and a northwest wind around 5 mph. Tomorrow will have gradually increasing clouds, withContinue reading “Tuesday 12/15/20: AM Update”