A Wide Temperature Range

Good morning!

Under varying partly sunny to full cloudy skies, expert highs between the mid 40s-low 50s in northern Maine and the mid 70s in central Connecticut; with mid 50s in northern NH, 63-70 in Vermont, 64-73 in southern/central NH, and 68-74 in MA/RI.

There will be a chance of showers as well.

Have a great Thursday!


Cooler Than Yesterday for Many, The Same for Some

Good morning!

Today will once again feature mostly cloudy to cloudy skies, excluding parts of Northern New England – especially Maine – where mostly sunny to sunny skies will rule, as a cold front moves through the region, and then stalls in far southern New England. There will be a chance of showers again, primarily in southern New England, with highs ranging from the upper 40s in the northern mountains to the low 70s in far southwest Connecticut, with most in between landing in the 50s, and 60s south of the MA Pike and in a few widely scattered locales north of it.

Have a great Back to the Future Wednesday! (That 1989 movie, released when *my mother* was 12, depicts time travel to today’s date, Wednesday, October 21, 2015.)

Cloudy But Mild Today

Hello everyone!

Jack Sillin subbing in today as Nathan is unavailable. He’ll be back tomorrow.

Today will feature mainly cloudy conditions as a cold front approaches from the west. Out ahead of that cold front though temps will be pretty mild with highs ranging from the mid 50’s up north to the mid 60’s south. Some showers are possible in the mountains in association with the cold front but they will be hit or miss and not everyone is likely to get one. There is a better chance of precip the farther north you go.

Enjoy the warmth while it lasts, by the weekend we will likely be talking about snowflakes!


Cooler But Still Warm With Showers

Good morning!

Under mostly cloudy skies, expect temps to peak between 65-73 throughout New England (some cooler spots in the high elevations in northern Maine). Currently there are some widespread showers over southern Rhode Island; expect widespread showers throughout the eastern half of New England this morning, then chances for more showers this afternoon.

Have a great Tuesday!