Timing of the Rain

Good evening!

This will be a very brief post as I’m a bit busier than expected at the moment.

Showers are moving into Western New England as we speak. As the evening goes on these will move into NH, Eastern MA/CT and RI; periods of heavy rain are likely there after midnight into the early parts of tomorrow’s AM commute. In Maine, expect rain to move in late this evening through the overnight from west to east and heaviest rain through Friday morning, tapering off into Friday afternoon in eastern parts of Maine.

Some gusty winds will also be possible. As for total rainfall, expect mainly 1-2″, give or take a bit.

Have a good Thursday evening!


Cloudy and Balmy With Afternoon Showers For Most

Good morning!

Under generally cloudy skies, expect highs to range through the daylight hours between upper 30s in the highest elevations, otherwise 40-58. After sunset though, as our system nears closer for tomorrow morning’s messy commute, expect temps to rise some, leading to highs technically being (ie through and including 11:59 PM) 43-62, with those same cool temps in the northern mountains and warmest in southern CT.

Expect showers to start moving into VT/Western MA/Western CT¬†early afternoon, mid afternoon for RI, NH, Central/Eastern CT and Central/Eastern MA; and mid afternoon to late evening for Maine, depending on where you are – further west in Maine, earlier, further east, later. In Eastern Maine, don’t expect any showers until after midnight.

More details on the heavy rain threat and timing will come later this morning or early this afternoon, as Dracut High has a half-day due to parent/teacher conferences.

Have a great Thursday!


Chilly Sunshine

Good morning!

Under sunny skies, anticipate highs between 38-48 throughout New England.

Have a great Wednesday!


Much Cooler Today

Good morning!

Again under mainly sunny skies, expect highs to range between 35-50, with lighter winds.

Have a great Tuesday!


Balmy For Some, Chilly For Others

Good morning!

Under mainly sunny skies, with a few scattered clouds around, expect highs to range between 30-57, with temps generally staying below 40 in the northern mountains, and temps reaching the mid-upper 50s in far southern New England with mid-40s to mid-50s in between. Winds will be on the breezy side with gusts up to 25 mph for some.

Have a good Monday!


A Chilly Breeze Today

Hello, New England. First off, my thoughts are with the people of Paris and the rest of France after last night’s senseless attack.

Anyways, under mainly sunny skies (more clouds near the mountains), expect highs to range between 35 and 45, with some higher temps possible in CT/RI/Southeast MA. Winds will be blustery, gusting to 30-35 mph (up to 35-45 mph along the coast and mountains). In the mountains and points N/W of there numerous snow showers will be possible, with a few fresh inches of snow possible in some spots. South and east of the mountains, an occasional rain or snow shower is possible.

Tomorrow we return back to the mid 40s to mid 50s in terms of temperatures with the wind also decreasing (but still a bit noticeable).


Warmer Friday – Snow Possible Tonight

Good morning!

Expect highs between 42-57, coolest in the typical mountain locations, and warmest in coastal Maine (from the Midcoast S/W) through southeast NH, eastern MA and RI. Expect skies ranging from mainly sunny in southern New England (plus SE NH and the SW Maine coast) to mostly sunny for much of Northern New England. Along and north and west of the mountains, expect mostly cloudy to full cloudy skies. The region on the whole can expect very gusty winds up to 40 mph.

Tonight, there will be a chance of snow for mostly mountainous Northern New England (plus the Berkshires of Western MA). However, 6-hour QPF values indicate either rain or snow showers may exist well into southern NH, southwest Maine and northern/northeast MA (away from the immediate coast). Precip type will depend on the timing: later tonight, higher chance of snow. Earlier, more likely rain.

Enjoy your Friday!