3-2-19 Evening

Quick update regarding tomorrow night’s storm. Snowfall forecast trended down as the storm overall looks not as juicy as it did previously. It looks to be all snow, of 5-9″, starting in mid to late evening tomorrow and ending mid morning Monday. The forecast could change tomorrow, though.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 10.30.08 PM.png



2-25-2019 Afternoon

Good afternoon! I’m following up the earlier forecast with a 5 day forecast. The High Wind Warning continues through this evening, but even after it ends, the gusty winds will not conclude, with gusts up to 45 mph possible at times tonight with a low around 14. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny to sunny with a high around 25, and a northwest wind at 10-20 mph gusting to 30 mph. Tuesday night will be a chilly one with a low around 4, but winds will quiet down throughout the night.

weather 2019-02-25.001.jpeg

Wednesday will feature increasing clouds with a high around 22. Snow is likely Wednesday night during the overnight hours and into early to mid morning Thursday, with a low around 14. Currently this is looking like a 2-4″ event, but some minor movement to this amount is possible as we may be toward the low end of that range depending on how the system plays out. The good news is no sleet, ice, or rain is currently expected. Thursday will feature mostly cloudy skies with a high around 30, followed by a partly cloudy Thursday night and Friday with a low near 18 and high near 36. Beyond this, we reacquaint ourselves with the story of this winter: yet another sloppy wintry mix is possible for Saturday.

weather 2019-02-25.002.jpeg

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Good morning!

With a mix of mostly sunny and partly cloudy skies, expect a high around 35, with a west wind at 10-25 mph and gusts of up to 50-60 mph at times. A HIGH WIND WARNING is in effect until 7 PM; some power outages and tree damage are possible. Make sure you charge your electronics!

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2-23-19 Evening

Quick update on snow/ice tonight. Expect up to an inch of snow and sleet starting late overnight after 3 AM, followed by a glaze of freezing rain, then likely a change to plain rain by 9 AM or so.


Good morning!

With sunny skies, expect a high around 42, with a northwest wind at 5-15 mph.

Expect a 5 day forecast around midday!

2-11-2019 Evening Update

Good evening! Just a quick update on the storm for tomorrow. Meant to post this earlier but was a bit busy with other obligations.

Snow will begin in the 12 PM to 2 PM timeframe tomorrow and be at its heaviest during the evening commute hours. A transition to sleet is expected in the 8 to 10 PM timeframe, which will put a quick end to notable snow accumulations; however, sleet accumulation is likely for quite a while before a switch to freezing rain approaching the 1 to 3 AM time frame Wednesday morning is likely. Freezing rain will then switch to regular rain by around 8 AM or so, before all precipitation ends before noon and temperatures get into the 40s for Wednesday. The heavy snow will cause significant travel problems tomorrow afternoon, with sketchy travel also quite likely Wednesday morning due to an icy mess.

The exact amount of snowfall could vary by several inches depending on the time of the changeover, but 4-8″ should cover almost all of the presently reasonable scenarios for total snow and sleet, with about 6″ being the “sweet spot” for Dracut. A trace to 0.1″ ice is also possible with this system.

2019-02-11 1200 SN.png

2019-02-11 1200 ZR.png

Have a great night! More in the morning!


Good morning!

With sunny skies, expect a high around 30 today, with a northwest wind of 10-20 mph. Gusts to 50 mph are possible occasionally this morning. Tonight will be clear and 14, with a west wind of 5-10 mph, and gusts up to 20 mph early. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny and 32, with a west wind of 5-10 mph. Sunday night will be partly cloudy and 17, with a west wind near 5 mph.

weather 2019-02-09.001.jpeg

Similar conditions continue into Monday – mostly sunny and 29 – before our next precipitation chance. Snow is likely for much of Tuesday starting mid-morning. We have a good shot at a significant snowfall with heavy snow at times, as I’m expecting it to be all snow on Tuesday, before snow likely changes over to a mix with sleet after midnight Tuesday night and gradually to rain by mid-morning Wednesday. Precipitation should end around midday Wednesday. However, we are a few days away, so details will be refined further.

weather 2019-02-09.002.jpeg

Have a great day!